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Ideas for a Cheap Christmas in Detroit

Money-Saving Tips for Christmas Gifts


Given the still-struggling economy, Detroiters are looking for a way to make the thought count when buying their Christmas gifts and planning their holiday celebration. Listed below are several ideas for a cheap Christmas in Detroit.


A nostalgic concept to be sure, but Kmart and Sears brought it back in 2008 and kept it around for the 2012 holiday season.

Little Known Money-Saving Perks at Von Maur

Von Maur has a limited presence in the Metro-Detroit area. In fact, its chain only has two stores in the area: Livonia and Ann Arbor. The store traditionally concentrates on customer service, making it a great place to shop for name-brand merchandise. The store has traditionally offered interest-free credit cards, free gift wrapping and free shipping.

Shop at Manufacturer Outlet Stores

Granted, the merchandise may be irregular or out of season, but buying direct from the manufacturer has its perks in great savings. Michigan has several choices for outlet shopping.

Printable Coupons for Stores in Detroit

Every little bit helps. With a little time and effort, the savings from coupons can really add up. To get you started, here are just a few printable coupons for stores in Detroit.

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