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List of Metro Detroit Shopping Malls and Centers

Shopping Malls


The Metro Detroit Area is home to many malls. In fact, one of the nation's first regional shopping centers was developed in Southfield. Given that the automobile was a factor in the exodus of people from the city to the suburbs, it should come as no surprise that the Motor City played a part in perfecting suburban sprawl. By conscious design, the shopping mall was the new community/cultural center.

Northland Center

Built: 1954
Location: Southfield, off of Northwestern Highway

Eastland Center

Built: 1957
Location: Harper Woods, off of Vernier Road

Livonia Mall

Built: 1964
Location: Livonia, Middlebelt and 7 Mile Roads

Macomb Mall

Built: 1964
Location: Roseville, off of Gratiot Avenue

Westland Center

Built: 1965
Location: Westland, Wayne and Warren Roads

Oakland Mall

Built: 1968
Location: Troy, 14 Mile and John R. Roads

Somerset Collection

Built: South mall 1969, north mall 1996
Location: Troy, on either side of Big Beaver Road

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Southland Center

Built: 1970
Location: Taylor, off of Eureka Road

Lakeside Mall

Built: 1976
Location: Sterling Heights, along Hall Road

Fairlane Town Center

Built: 1976
Location: Dearborn
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