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Profile of Olympic Athlete Allison Schmitt

Canton Swimmer


Katie Hoff (L); Allison Schmitt (R) at 2008 Olympic Trials

Katie Hoff (L); Allison Schmitt (R) at 2008 Olympic Trials

Photo by Donald Miralle / Getty Images
Updated July 30, 2008

This is Allison Schmitt’s first Olympics. In fact, she just graduated from high school.

Michigan Connection:

Schmitt was raised in Canton, Michigan, and attended Canton High School, where she graduated in 2008. She is currently being coached by Bob Bowman at Club Wolverine, but Michigan will lose her to Georgia and coach Jack Bauerie in the fall.

Birth date:

June 7th, 1990


  • 200 Freestyle
  • 4x200 Freestyle Relay


  • Finished second in 200m Freestyle and third in 400m Freestyle at 2008 Olympic Trials
  • Earned bronze medal at 2007 Jr. Pan Pacific Championship in 100m Freestyle
  • Came in sixth place at 2007 U.S. Nationals in 200m Freestyle and 10th place in 400m Freestyle

Personal Life:

Allison is one of five children, all of whom are athletic. Schmitt followed her big brother, Derek, and sister, Kristen, into swimming at the age of 10.


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