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Baseball Teams, Stadiums and Parks Near Detroit

Detroit, Lansing and Toledo


There are several baseball teams, stadiums and parks near Detroit, especially if you want to take in A or AAA baseball -- a great way to while away a summer day or night.

Detroit: Tigers Baseball (American League)

Baseball, hot dogs, pizza pie and summer days go hand in hand at Detroit's Comerica Park. In addition to a relatively new ballpark, lots of food choice, and activities for kids, the Tigers keep things interesting.

History of Comerica Park

Toledo: Mud Hens Baseball (AAA)

An intimate ball field in the heart of downtown Toledo, Fifth Third Field is home to the Mud Hens. The AAA baseball team is the affiliate to the Detroit Tigers.

Lansing: Lug Nuts Baseball (A)

The ballpark in downtown Lansing recently underwent a name change. It is now known as Cooley Law School Stadium. It is still home to the Lansing Lug Nuts, the most successful franchise in minor-league baseball. The stadium is very family friendly with activities between each inning and lots of food choice. The Lug Nuts are the class A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

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