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It should come as no surprise that the car is the method of choice for getting around in Detroit and its suburbs. In addition to keeping you updated about the status of Detroit's streets and highways, information about Detroit's other modes of transportation is provided.
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Detroit and Michigan Road Rules and Traffic Laws
Road Rules and Traffic Laws Detroit and Michigan Road Rules and Traffic Laws when driving, including road design, traffic signals, speed limits, highway characteristics, right on red, left-hand turns, Michigan lefts, center lane, roundabouts, traffic circles, highways and freeways.

Guide to Driving in Detroit and Michigan
Driving in Michigan Guide to Driving in Detroit and Michigan, including information about seat belts, restraints, car seats, motorcycle helmets, drunk driving, driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, blood alcohol limit, sobriety checkpoints, use of cell phones, texting, no fault laws, travel tips, cost of travel, best gas prices, driving distances, road rules speeding, highways, and freeways.

Preparation Tips for Winter Driving in Detroit and Southeast Michigan
Winter Driving in Detroit - Preparation Tips About Winter Driving in Detroit and Southeast Michigan, including information about winter driving schools and classes, winterizing your vehicle by checking your tires, windshield wipers and fluid, and antifreeze. Recommendations about planning ahead by checking weather advisories, putting on snow tires, keeping your fuel tank full, and packing a winter safety kit with items necessary if your car gets stuck or stranded in the snow. Items included are about keeping warm, food and water, windshield scraper, and kitty litter for traction.

Winter Driving and Road Safety
Winter Driving and Road Safety - Winter Driving and Road Safety in Detroit, Michigan, including de-icing, anti-icing and snow removal methods and techniques like salting roads, sand, and snow plows, as well as sealcoating and other road surface techniques to deal with winter roads, whether it be from ice, snow or a wintery mix.

List of Major Airports Near Detroit Michigan
Major Airports Near Detroit Michigan - List of Major Airports Near Detroit Michigan, including Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DTW, Detroit Metro Airport, Bishop International Airport in Flint FNT, Windsor International Airport YQG, Coleman A. Young International Airport DET, Detroit City Airport, Toledo Express TOL, Willow Run Airport YIP in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor Municipal Airport ARP, Capital Regional International Airport in Lansing LAN. Information includes major airlines, domestic and international flights, cargo service, runways, passenger terminals, general location, and history.

Parking, Terminals and Flight Information for Detroit Metro Airport
Detroit Metro Airport - Parking, Terminals and Flight Information for Detroit Metro Airport, including information about the DTW airport identifier, major carriers, Delta Airlines, McNamara Terminal, North Terminal, driving directions, rankings, international flights, shops, retail, restaurants, ground transportation, rental cars, taxis, limousines, drop off, pick up, departures and arrivals.

Zipcars in Ann Arbor
Zipcars in Ann Arbor - Information About Zipcars in Ann Arbor Michigan, a new concept in car sharing or rental. Membership and technology are used to simplify car travel in population-dense cities and universities.

Getting Around in Downtown Detroit
The theory and practice of successful navigation in downtown Detroit. The article includes information about street design, the People Mover, buses, taxies and freeways.

Detroit's Hub-and-Spoke Street Design
Downtown Detroit's street layout is modeled after Pierre Charles L’Enfant's hub-and-spoke design, which can make navigating around downtown Detroit a head-scratching experience.

Profile of Detroit's People Mover
Profile of Detroit's elevated train, the People Mover, including history, stops, fare, unique features and criticisms.

Planned Road Construction
Locate information regarding planned construction and lane closures on the roads and highways in the Detroit Metro Area. Check by region, county or route through the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Traffic and Accident Alert
Get up-to-the-minute traffic information for the Detroit Metro Area, including accident information, color-coded status map and camera feeds.

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)
Detroit's major airport has undergone a lot of renovations recently, including a new terminal, runway, hotel and parking garage. Construction is underway to replace the aging Smith Terminal. There is also a new southern entrance off of I-275. The website is a valuable resource regarding airport and construction detours and delays.

Amtrak: Michigan Routes and Cities Served
Amtrak currently services routes from Detroit to Port Huron, Grand Rapids and Chicago.

Greyhound Bus Service From Detroit
Greyhound services over 100 cities and towns in Michigan. The main Greyhound Station is located on Howard Street in downtown Detroit.

Road Bike Rides in Southeast Michigan
Trails.com lists bike rides in southeastern Michigan, including paths in Belle Isle, Rochester, Westland and Grosse Pointe.

CarPool Classifieds for the Metro Detroit Area
eRideShare.com provides a search engine that connects commuters willing to share a ride. The page provided lists the carpool classifieds for the Metro Detroit Area.

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